Menstrual Cup Can Be Your Next Environment Friendly & Safer Upgrade

Menstrual Cup for Periods - Cupid Mantra

I came across this post about menstrual cup on Instagram and immediately I decided to share this with my blog readers. Here’s what Shreya says,

“I am not a person to comment about politics and share a lot of personal thoughts on FB but when I heard about the sanitary napkins being tax-free I knew I had to speak up! Though for a common man it is a big relief in terms of savings their hard earned money it isn’t a very good news for the environment.
On an average a woman uses 11,000 sanitary napkins in her lifetime which is too much disposable cotton and plastic waste.

On an average the Plastic used for sanitary napkins will take 500-800 years to be decompose. Plastic waste is caused by a lot of things, sanitary napkins being 1 of them. They even have a term for it! if you don’t believe me please google ‘menstrual pollution’. The worst part is the manufacturers of sanitary napkins are not taking any responsibility of safe disposal of their products. Also the plastics like PVC, polyurethane etc are very harmful if not disposed off properly.

When I 1st learned about periods I was told sanitary napkins was the most convenient solution we had and since then I had a guilty feeling about causing so much plastic waste just for my sanitary needs.

So what else can we use. Many of u will say there is no other option. Well there is 1, and that’s called period cups/menstrual cups. They are made of silicone and are not harmful for the human body.

So why choose menstrual cups over sanitary napkins?

– sanitary napkins or tampons can cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS)

– it can be reused for up to 10 years

– no rashes

– it is good for environment

There are many other reasons why one should make the switch which will be better explained by this link:

Menstrual Cup or Tampons or Sanitary Pad - Cupid Mantra

It took me a very long time to realize that this option was available. But when I did, I immediately gave it a try. Initially it might feel a bit invasive since we are mostly used to the ‘pad culture’ but once u get a hang of it , it’ll be a breeze. You’ll feel free since The cup acts like a part of your body and you can even swim wearing it which seems impossible with pads.

It’ll be a bit pricey but it is a one time investment and is nothing compared to the amount u spend on all those disposable products every month.
U can easily get it online also from a lot of non profit NGOs working for the awareness.

This is my appeal to all the women to give it a try and to the men to circulate this message. Please share it with as many women as you can since the plastic pollution is increasing day by day. We did not have a way then, but we do now! A small contribution from you may lead to achieve something greater someday. Trust me it’ll be a life-changing experience!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime.

P. S.- I am not a member of any such NGOs or companies or online store”

Note: All the information in her post may not be correct. But menstrual cups are surely an environment friendly and safer option.

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