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Menstrual Cup Can Be Your Next Environment Friendly & Safer Upgrade

I came across this post about menstrual cup on Instagram and immediately I decided to share this with my blog readers. Here's what Shreya says,"I am not a person to…
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Who is to blame? Men, Women or Society?

Sawaal yeh hai ki jo cheez jaisi hai usse waise hi pesh kyu naa kiya jaaye? India has recently legalized same gender relationship but we are still not free from…
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Stimulate Yourself in Public with the Best Vibrating Panties in India

Feeling naughty? Ever thought of teasing yourself sexually in public? Or, ever wanted your partner to help you achieve an orgasm anywhere alone with them? A vibrating panty is just…
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History of Masturbation Month & The Kamasutra on Sex Toys

Masturbation Month Self love is the best love. Masturbation month is celebrated all over the world to protect and celebrate the right to masturbate. 28th May is the Masturbation Day…
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Virgin’s Guide to Great Sex!

Virginity is dignity to few & lack of opportunity to more. Our double standard society about sex believes losing virginity at early age is not our moral. While, still being…
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What Lingerie Should You Wear for New Year’s Eve?

From sequin jumpsuits to velvet dresses, there are several perfect looks you may have come up with for New Year’s Eve. You may have scourged through thrift stores for the…
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