Virgin’s Guide to Great Sex!

Couple Kissing on Couch | Virgin's Guide to Great Sex!
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Virginity is dignity to few & lack of opportunity to more. Our double standard society about sex believes losing virginity at early age is not our moral. While, still being virgin in your 20s and 30s makes you undesirable. But things have changed a bit. People now don’t care much about other’s perception. One myth that arises so many questions in your head can be “I masturbate! Am I still virgin?” Yes, you’re. Masturbating does not take away your virginity. There’s no specific definition of Virgin but it’s much of a person who never had intercourse. Too much of excitement is pumped within a virgin with lot of expectations. Slow down, it’s your first time. You don’t have to perform like a porn star nor expect your partner to do so. Missionary is the best to begin well. Go through the following point to make your first prick memorable & stress free.


1. Relax

Don’t underestimate yourself thinking “It’s my first time, I might cum soon.”. Even being non-virgin does not make you Vatsyayana (author of Kama Sutra). Awkward feeling is a part of first time. Nobody would feel great being undressed. Initiate foreplay to beat the awkwardness. It’s advisable to get comfortable with clothes on to get comfortable with clothes off. As I always say ‘Stop limiting yourself to anything.’ Willingness to take lead and dropping down ego can be great start to your sex life. Do not forget to ‘lock’ your door. What? Were you fantasizing an outdoor session?!

Couple Relaxing in Bed & Making Out - Cupid Mantra

2. Learn

After ages of masturbation you’ve got chance to play on the field. You know yourself very well now. What makes you ‘aahh‘ and your switches are in your to do list at this time. Like every woman is different, so are guys. Get into action knowing what your partner loves. It can be just a tight hug or spanking BDSM like Fifty Shades of Grey. Guide your partner to what you like. It’s one more turn on in itself. Foreplay is the key to orgasm and not the cock.

Clit here! Cupid Mantra


3. Talk

The verbal communication is as important as touch. Bring you fantasy into words. It may be a little difficult to put into statement without being unromantic but it will surely bring up the heat. Tongue to ear always turns on a woman, be it directly or through words. Laugh together when you make a funny sound from your act. Just make sure that you’re not only one laughing.

Couple in Bed Talking & Laughing

4. Ring

I hope you haven’t planned anything without a ring. Nope! I’m not asking you to propose her for marriage. Get your ManForce to Skore with ease as women likes well when she isn’t worried. Anyway you too don’t want to create a mess when you come or even after you go, do you? Be safe to make it memorable than a mistake. Instructions on how to use is in there, in case if you didn’t put a cap ever while masturbating.

Birth Control Proposal Ring | Cupid Mantra

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5. Climax

The ultimate motto is to get there. Not every woman reaches the milliseconds heavenly feeling. But those who do on the very first time, thank the guy next to you. It is also possible for a guy to not feel that high. Pressure of pleasuring your partner can be a big barrier on your way. Sometimes you’re just not going to come. Switch to oral for compensating the same. Your partner will actually appreciate it. Spend some time around even if you’re done with it.

Female Pulling Bed Orgasm | Cupid Mantra

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