Sexual Wellness and Adult Products Making Fantasies Come True!

Sunny Leone - Cupid Mantra
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Sexual Wellness in India

The question about sexual wellness, adult products and porn always raises as “Are we Indians ready for it?’
We recently faced #PornBan in India with over 800 websites (Here’s a complete list of porn websites those were banned in India) taken down including online dating websites. Movies like Unfreedom and Fifty Shades of Grey were banned in India which was not enough to be a barrier to our out-of-box-movies hungry audience. The Besharam audience finds their way out of any situation they don’t want to be in. There’s always lot to explore when it comes to sex.


Adult Webstore for Sexual Wellness Products , India’s #1 adult lifestyle web-store serving 1.3 billion Indian worldwide, has left no stone unturned to provide everything to make your fantasies come true. From singles, couples, gay to venturesome and The Shaukeens, there’s something for everybody at . The website recently celebrated India’s 69th Independence Day with 69% discount on all the products. Exactly the way we like! - Cupid Mantra

It is expected that size of adult toys market in 2020 would be Rs. 9,000 Crore. There are also high-value products that might be regarded as slightly creepy. “The costliest item shipped was an inflatable doll at Rs 5 lakh, which we shipped last year to a customer in Chennai,” said Raj Armani, co-founder of
Bold and beautiful Sunny Leone is the face of the brand. The brand’s popularity is so high on Google that once when people were looking for Ranbir Kapoor’s Besharam movie trailer, were bombarded with and Sunny Leone. That must have been a pleasant diversion though.

Sunny Leone Sexual Wellness- Cupid Mantra

If we take a few drops from ocean of USPs of, we would get to know the reason it is #1 adult lifestyle web-store in India for sexual wellness. Discreet billing and packaging, 100% customer satisfaction, wide range of products from lubes and lingerie to Fifty Shades of Grey collection for BDSM and shopping by events and moods which serves a lot to take your fantasies to next level. This is a blessing to all the adventure lovers and Besharams out there. Let’s get to the field and play!
I wish to ask again the same question that I asked at the start, but in Besharam style. ‘Are we Besharam yet?’

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