Penis Size Every Man’s Obsession – Myths & Facts

Penis Size - Myths & Facts - Sex Blog - Cupid Mantra
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Men’s Obsession

Penis size has been a big concern for men considering it as a parameter contributing to self-image. I have been getting lots & lots of question on Quora asking me different question related to penis size. Some question came from women also asking if they can increase their boyfriend’s penis size. 45% of men wish to increase the size of their tool while 85% of heterosexual women are happy with their partner’s penis size. My question is ‘Why worry about the size?’

So that she talks about it at next party and in case things don’t work out, her friend has enough information about you?

Myths & Facts

Got big penis?


Penis - Myths & Facts - Sex Blog - Cupid Mantra


“Bigger is always better” this is what most of us think. A study in 2014 found that women were more likely to cheat their men with bigger penis as they associated it with painful sex. People always want to grow length of their dicks and make bamboo out of it. Penis is meant to pee and fuck. Let it be a dick only and not make a bamboo.

Fact – Average length of a flaccid penis is 2.8 to 3.9 inches while erect penis is 4.7 to 6.3 inches. Let me make this statement bold. Size of a penis doesn’t contribute much to pleasure of a woman. Whatever size your penis may be, if you know how to use it, that should be enough. There are no proven medicines available to grow a penis. Viagra can only help attain erection easily.

Got big feet?

Penis - Myths & Facts - Cupid Mantra


They say “Guy wearing pointed shoes should not complain about girls wearing padded bras”. Penis size has nothing to do with shoe of feet or any other body part or height of a person.

Fact – In 1993 when I was 2 years old and couldn’t even pee myself, two Canadian doctors conducted a survey with 63 men taking sizes of their feet and slightly stretched penile length. The size of penis was weakly correlated and linked with both height and foot size. In 2002 when I could only differentiate between a boy and a girl, the University College Hospitals of London conducted a survey with 104 men. Sizes of their feet and penises were recorded for analysis. The result basically determined that the actual size of a penis can be measured only and cannot be correlated.

Got big load?


Male Ejacualtion - Sex Blog - Cupid Mantra


Pornography and Hollywood movies have contributed in myth of ejaculating tons of semen.

Fact – A men has ability to ejaculate only a tablespoon of semen at a time. This is enough as what really matter is the sperm count. Normally a single milliliter (ml) of semen contain 200 million sperms.


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