Meet Your Sexual Desires & Fantasies in This Room!

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Society of Fantasies

Imagine having a platform where anything goes right just like fantasies. No restrictions except to respect others beliefs and thoughts within a community. We’re in a time where everyone is in a mode of withdrawing from one another. Our communications aren’t as direct to each other like they once were. The true feelings and mindset of our sexual pleasures and fantasies aren’t met because we’re afraid of what others (society) may think.



Bullet-ON Room

Bulleton Room - Sex Fantasies Rooms - Cupid Mantra

Today I am excited to come across a social therapeutic network called Bulleton Room. It’s a network app driven by users to have complete control of content. Followers will have a choice of fifteen rooms. Three of the rooms are rooms of the day. These three rooms will give followers the opportunity to submit topics for the day. Out of all your followers, the one with the highest vote will then have their topic displayed to their fellow users to engage in. The same concept applies to the other twelve rooms which out of the twelve is sex room. Sounds ‘Fuck Yeah!!!’ This is an informative and expressive platform and I encourage anyone who is very open and opinionated to join the community.

This might remind you of Yahoo! Chat Room. Miss it? It’s more interesting & fun than Yahoo! Download the app & put in your comments & reviews. I would love to hear from my readers. 🙂

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