Lingerie Styles That Makes Him Drool Over You

Sexy Lingerie for Date Night - Cupid Mantra

Choosing lingerie is again a personal choice of women, but it counts a lot on her partner’s preference. Yet again, men always have different preferences when compared to women, especially in lingerie where the fantasies are likely to come true. So, in spite of being  your personal preferences, you should also consider what your partner loves. Of course, this is the key to lingerie shopping, buy what makes him seductive; how you should make yourself that he drool over you;


Lingerie Styles That Makes Him Drool Over You


Pick up your choice from the hottest styles of man-friendly lingerie, be assured of a super hot steamy date night!

Bare more and cover less – Keep it simple

Well, lingerie itself super short garments that make you, bare a lot. To make it more appealing, bare more and cover less. A skin show is loved by almost all guys. The key is to be simple.

Bra with Crotchless Underwear - Lingerie - Cupid Mantra Bra with Crotchless Underwear - Lingerie - Cupid Mantra


Keep the lingerie minimal and short as much as possible! To quote a few examples, thongs and a lace bra, sheer baby doll costume, semi-nude shades, Bra with crotchless underwear, or a classic molded cups brassieres!

Bare it, it will certainly make him go weeks on his knees!

Stretchable lace chemise – Super short, super sexy and super seductive

A chemise itself is too sexy on any woman. Seduce your man instantly wearing a stretchable lace chemise, which provides him very little to imagine. He will love it.

Choose the colors wisely!


Stockings, garter belts and suspenders – All his wild dreams come true

Accept it, every man got some wild dreams about raunchy sex! If you are up for it, just drool him by wearing the stockings and suspenders or garter belts.

To make it fiercer, show a little skin above the stockings and below the panties. Just bare some thigh skin between the panty and stockings. It is a simple suggestion, but a bigger turn-on!


Stockings, Garter Belts and Suspenders - Cupid MantraStockings, Garter Belts and Suspenders - Cupid Mantra

Corsets – Accentuate you for him

Corsets are totally sexy and actually a women-friendly lingerie. Corset is designed to adjust your physique, pull you and push you, which accentuates all your assets! Corsets support your bosoms and cinch at the waist,  it’s too short that wearing a panty becomes a necessity. If you have a great physique, wearing corsets make him sexually addicted to you!

The key to wearing it right buying corsets in right size and shape that flatters your body.


French Knickers – Seduce him with your feminity

Although men love is all about less is more when it comes to lingerie, there are a few who loves, ‘little bit more’ is sexy. Besides, some men doesn’t want her to wear something that doesn’t look feminine on her! How sweet they are?

If you fall under this category, simply go for French Knickers. French Knickers are probably padded brassier paired with super high wide leg panty (literally shorts) that just finishes on the upper thigh.  You will feel very feminine, comfortable and sensual, yet still hot for your man.


Chemise and Baby Doll – The Staples of Sexy Lingerie

Whatever type of lingerie or whatever may be the preference, a chemise is something you can never ignore to seduce your man. Shopping chemise? You will probably have a myriad of styles.

Frilly, flirty baby doll with a lacy thong that hardly cover you, but reveals your assets is his choice!

Okay! Let’s reveal a secret here. When you wear any sexy lingerie, it is just enough you kill him. Men are so generous. He will love you in any sexy lingerie, yet make it special for him.

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