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Going together on a vacation is so mainstream. Cum together instead. This would obviously require efforts but she’ll find it sexilicious. By efforts, I mean “plan and execute’. Make it a vacation most memorable in life for which a tag line can only be “What happens at vacation, stays at vacation”.

One more honeymoon

Oh wait! Not with the other woman. Book the honeymoon suite for your vacation this time. They say “Love is in the air”. The ambiance shall create romance and ignite the fire within. Turn the pages back to old memories while writing new and you’ll find that you just lived those moments of life.

The first spark

Go back to the days of your life when you started dating and recollect what made you fall for each other. Was it her smell? Or was it the way you spent time together hanging out at your favorite bar or restaurant? Bring the spark back by planning a romantic date and candle light dinner. Watch the beautiful sunset together before dinner and just cuddle.

The quickie

Do you get turned on seeing her sexily dressed in hot black sequin for that evening OR she’s half wet in a towel and just stepped out of the shower? And then you can’t hold your horses to go out for dinner and be back. Let the compliment be more specific with a quickie because there’s no fixed time for coffee and sex. At the end, whisper a verbal compliment in her ears and she’ll love it.

Be playful

Turn her fantasies into reality. Every woman has fantasized ‘a more aggressive sex‘. It can either be role play, bedroom games, dirty talks, or different kisses. Many women complain of not being kissed while in the act. So don’t forget her actual lips.

Surprise, Surprise!

We all know how much a woman love surprises. Make her feel special with a gift that would just express how you feel for her. Let it be genuine and she’ll find it more pleasant. Choose from a variety of gift cards or flowers. Her favorite chocolate box or sexy lingerie can spice things a little.

Boost it up

Bring in some aphrodisiacs or lubes in the picture. Aphrodisiac enhances the mood and sexual desire while lube increases the sensitivity ensuring satisfaction and a big O. Physical performance graph will just be like Mt. Everest and you can thank us later.

P for Pleasure

Redefine the P that you learned in your nursery. A sensual massage for your partner shows care and he/she will find it passionate at the same time. Take an intimate shower or spend some time in bath tub embracing each other and the temperature will only rise.

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