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I’m a Mumbai based NSFW Blogger who spent a lot of time thinking about this blog name Cupid Mantra. But my purpose was clear and this blog is my first step towards achieving it. Switching to some English TV channel happened only when I was home alone so that intimate scenes don’t create an awkward situation. But I never hesitated from reading and experimenting with human sexuality. My book began from page no. 69. 😉

The purpose to ‘Sexducate people and make sex fun and untaboo!’ Do not forget the tag line ‘For Unisex Orgasm’. Everybody has got desire but are afraid of being open about it, the fear of being judged. Women are victims of such situations most of the time. Cupid Mantra aims to create a non-judgmental society where sex is fun & untaboo. This blog will always ensure that ‘Ladies First’ is followed.


I’m open to answer every question of yours. Make it as kinky as you are and drop me a question. I would write about your favorite topic or sex toy or answer your query.

Disclaimer: All the posts are my personal views & advice. If you find it offensive, switch to some porn site. I’m responsible for nothing except my sins. 😀

Society Advisory… Infogasmic Content… 😉


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