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Condom Chain - Cupid Mantra
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First Cigarette, First Beer, First Condom

Condom buying has been the most embarrassing, shameful & difficult task for a virgin. It is more like your first cigarette or beer, your friends buy it for you and it’s a chain. I remember my first time when I asked my experienced childhood friend to do me this favour. He asked me to ask for condom myself & he’s got my back. It’s not at all difficult but I’m inspired from Sallu bhai’s Jai Ho to start this chain with a twist. “Aap thank you mat kahiye … instead teen logon ko condoms dijiye aap … aur un teeno se kehna ki woh teen aur ko condoms de … duniya badal jayegi”. A condom chain.

Condoms Chain at Chemist - Cupid Mantra


Condom Chain

I recently did this & told my friend to “Thank you mat bol… Aur teen logo ko condoms de…” Not because I didn’t like Achaari flavour nor was it one. So next time when you have extra condoms or your friend is shy to ask for it at chemist shop and you know he/she is upto a steamy session, give him/her (even females buy condoms) condom for their next fun time to be safe.

Girl buying condom - Condom Chain Cupid Mantra



Do this not just to first time condom users but also to those who don’t prefer this as first protection option. Condom protects against unwanted pregnancy when used correctly and also prevents some Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). They are INEXPENSIVE, EASY TO ACCESS (contact me if not), EASY TO USE & HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. You do not need a prescription or be of any particular age to buy a condom. Don’t let the most creative condom ads go waste. :p



Sexual wellness products including condoms are now available over various adult webstores like Discreet packaging with self pickup of your order eases the hassle of being ashamed & hesitant.

Let’s pledge for a India free from AIDS, unwanted pregnancy & abortion and many other STDs with this condom chain. I hope this Condom Chain reaches every citizen of free India.

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