The Art of Seduction by Seema Anand

The Art of Seduction - Cupid Mantra

How is Seduction an Art?

The Art of Seduction by Seema Anand has been one of my favorite TED talk so far. She’s master in story telling which makes this topic so damn interesting. This TED talk includes different stories and tips related to human sexuality. Did you know that women’s erogenous zones shifts with the shifting of moon? Did you know that perfuming of the body is also an art of seduction? Hold on! It’s not about picking up your perfume bottle and take a bath with it. There’s much more to this art. Body needs to be perfumed with particular aroma at particular part of your body. Doing this right gives you a natural aphrodisiac.

The Art of Seduction 2- Cupid Mantra

Seduction over time!

The evolution of vocabulary has changed the meaning of Seduction in our lives which once was treated with high philosophy. The process of Seduction has changed in our lives and has become everything about touch creating miscommunication. This video narrates ancient stories associated with human sexuality and different arts of Seduction.

Do comment below and let me know how was the video. You may also comment your questions & queries if any.

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